Assisted Living for the Elderly

Pro Choice Care is working hard with people with mental ill health to help create a just and fair society.  To best meet the needs of our service users, we strongly believe in imaginative flexibility – at an individual and corporate level.  We develop a unique care package for each person.  And wherever possible, we work in close partnership with others, integrating services and local resources.  These include educational services, employment support, day services, therapy services and specialist advice and information.

Our Supported Living services are all about empowering people with additional support needs in making choices about how to live their lives.  We’re leading the way by providing responsive, flexible and practical support.

Supported Living
Many people choose to live on their own, but some – especially those with complex needs – can’t be independent without practical help.  Our Supported Living Services provide people with precisely the help they need, so that they can more fully enjoy the independence they want.  By responding to specific needs, Pro Choice Care has developed a range of flexible services.  Whether a service user want to attend college, nip round to the shops, or just do the housework, our support can be invaluable.  We support adults of all ages – from young adults to the elderly, with a wide range of needs.

How does Supported Living work?
Each care package is unique, designed to meet the specific needs and desires of each service user.  People can have as much or as little support as they need, at any hour and on any day.  Crucially, we see a relationship with each service user as a partnership, taking time to get to know the person.  When appropriate, we also work with their families and other care agencies too.  This ensures that we provide the kind of support and care that makes a genuine difference.  We can provide flexible help wherever a service user needs it – at home, college, place of work and at public leisure and recreation facilities.  We support people to live in supported accommodation by providing help with tasks such as personal care, housework, shopping, preparing meals.  Supported accommodation gives individuals the right to live as a tenant in their own shared home with other people – no more than 3 people, who have similar care needs.  As a tenant, individuals will be entitled to claim various benefits, for example, housing benefit to help with the rent, etc. 

Benefits of Supported Living with Pro Choice Care
Pro Choice Care have a highly trained and dedicated team of Support Workers, who work together to ensure that individuals are able to fulfill their potential whilst maintaining their independence.  The Supported Accommodations managed by Pro Choice Care is furnished to a high standard, whilst maintaining a welcoming and homely environment.   On site at one of our Supported Accommodations, we have a therapy suite which can be accessed by all individuals who are supported by Pro Choice Care.  The Therapy Suite is able to offer services such as neck and shoulder massage, hand massage, scalp massage, as well as providing a peaceful environment to support service users to relax.

Committed to providing the highest quality
To ensure the effective development and delivery of services at the highest quality, we use the Business Excellence Model.  We are always looking for ways to improve our services, and so work hard to be a Best Value organization.  Our services work within the National Care Standards and are inspected by CSSIW.